Razart Installation Services Inc.

Serving clients across Canada and beyond.

Razart Installation Services Inc. has been operating since 1987 through the direction of Ray Charbonneau who has 40 years of art service experience including all facets of art handling.

We have worked directly with art objects from museums, corporate and private collections helping our clients present and maintain their art collections.

We have orchestrated major moves of corporate art collections within Toronto’s financial district and provided art installation services to art galleries in Greater Toronto.  Our services can be standalone projects or can be blended into a multi-phase project.

We’ve had the privilege of providing art installation services to the Government of Canada during the G7 Summit (1988) and the G20 Summit (2010).  We were able to install a selection from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s collection in Bermuda.

Do you have a current art installation project that you’d like some help with? Let’s connect.

“Thanks for a great job. The walls look great. I appreciated the process, the considerations and especially the results. Definitely minimalist and maximalist at the same time.” Steve