Razart – Art Placement in Beautiful homeArt Installation and Advisory Services

The principal service Razart provides is art installation where we help with preparation, placement and wall mounting of fine art, paintings, sculptures, mirrors, and family photos.

Once the artwork is on site and unpacked the installation process is usually focused on art placement and arrangement.

We make sure to accommodate every art piece and show it to its best advantage. Using professional, museum-quality techniques your art collection will be displayed with design, safety, and care in mind.

Razart prefers the museum method of art installation which requires fixed contact to the wall as opposed to hanging on a wire. Heavier objects or pictures may require a gravity bar and some wall treatments may require suspension hanging to minimize all damage.

We’ll recommend picture hanging rails if artwork is going to change on a regular basis.

Are you redecorating, redesigning or moving to a new space? We have in-depth art industry knowledge and a broad network to help you. Our art advisory service can help you with other services such as:

  • Packing and crating

  • Moving and storage

  • Framing and lighting

  • Inventory and evaluation

  • Restoration and conservation

  • Curation and tours

Connect with us for more information or to discuss a project you’d like help with.